Saraswati Bhawan is a non-profit religious organization founded by Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche to:

  • Preserve the Buddhist doctrine and practice as represented by its recognized lineage holders. In particular, to preserve, transmit, and establish the lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism to the United States.
  • Conduct translation, publishing, and preservation projects of ancient Buddhist texts and ritual arts.
  • Provide support here and abroad to those ordained priests and practitioners who have dedicated their lives to Buddhist practice.
  • Create outreach programs to provide healing and other religious services to the public and the environment.
  • Establish centers for study and practice of Vajrayana Buddhism.
We are dedicated to the practice and preservation of the ancient Buddhist Tantric tradition as held by the Nyingma sect of Tibet. In particular, we focus on the Khandro T’huk-t’hik path of the Dudjom Tersar and the Rigdzin Sogdrub yogic practices of the Northern Treasures lineage. We are dedicated to upholding the tradition of the Yogis, or Ngakpas according to the precepts set forth by Guru Rinpoche. Ngakpas and Ngakmos are a unique order within the tantric Buddhist tradition, dedicating their lives to the profound meditative and yogic practices of the tantras which involve long, isolated retreats. Under Rinpoche’s direct supervision, students traverse the path of practice, beginning with the Ngondro, and progressing through the generation and completion stages of the Three Roots (Khandro, Lama, and Yidam). After successfully completing these retreats, students are taught the ‘Five Essential Yoga’ practices, beginning with the practice of Tummo and Tsa-Lung – from the outer yoga exercises (trulkhor) to the inner and sacred levels of practice – and continuing with the practices of Illusory Body, Bardo, Dream Yoga, and Chod. Finally, the most advanced levels of the path, the profound practices of Dzogchen – Khorde Rushen, Trekchod, Todgal, and Odsal – are emphasized. Located on the bluffs overlooking the pristine Upper Mississippi River Valley in Northeast Iowa, Saraswati Bhawan is dedicated to providing an ideal environment for in-depth and personalized instruction, especially for those fortunate practitioners who recognize the importance of following a dedicated path of practice. We are not a public Dharma center; rather, we are a small, dedicated community of practitioners who operate a private retreat facility, providing practice opportunities for those who wish to study directly under Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche’s guidance.
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