Location: Phurba Thinley Ling, Lansing, Iowa

Costs: $300, includes meals and lodging (cabins and tents). A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to reserve your spot. Does NOT include teaching donation for Khandro Kunzang. A suggested donation of $200 may be offered at the end of the retreat. Students coming for the first time will also need to offer a gold coin at the time they receive the empowerment and verbal transmission.

The Vajra Armor Mantra, called Dorje Go-Drab in Tibetan, is among the most powerful healing practices in Tantric Buddhism. Long held as a secret practice, the Vajra Armor Mantra has been practiced for over a millennium by tantric adepts and Tibetan physicians as an effective method for treating diseases, purifying negative energies and protection from misfortune.

The Vajra Armor Mantra was first introduced into Tibet in the eighth century by Padmasambhava, who had collected various teachings and practices on this mantra from the ancient Indian Buddhist tradition. After teaching his close disciples in Tibet, he hid the Vajra Armor teachings in 124 places, to be discovered by future treasure finders as prophesied in his writings. Padmasambhava predicted that a time would come when there would be a great need for this mantra and to preserve the integrity of the teachings and lineage, he hid different versions of this practice in many different places for safekeeping, until the designated treasure finder would reintroduce them to the world.

Over the past one thousand years, there have been numerous major teaching cycles of the Vajra Armor Mantra that have been revealed, including those of Dorje Lingpa, Mipham, Dudjom Lingpa, and Trak-thung Namkha I Jigme. These teachings outline a deep and profound path to realization and ultimately to Buddhahood through the practice of healing and rebalancing the outer and inner elements. Read more about these precious Vajra Armor teachings.

These retreats are ‘closed retreats’, which means they are conducted within boundaries. Once the retreat begins, participants are not allowed to leave the area within the boundary, not allowed to have email or phone communications, and must abide by the rules of boundaried retreats. Three meals will be provided each day as well as snacks and drinks.

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