P’hurba T’hinley Ling’s Retreat Land

P’hurba T’hinley Ling offers a serene and powerful environment for personal retreats. The blessings and auspiciousness of the natural elements combine to create an extraordinary experience.

Cabins and campsites are available when programs are not in session. Personal retreats can range from a weekend to a month. Retreatants can mingle practice sessions with time spent appreciating the unique natural environment. Walking trails crisscross 2,000 secluded acres of woods, bluffs, and meadows and meander along the banks of creeks.

Students can rent a cabin for $100/ week, or can bring their own camping gear and rent platforms for $50/ week. Campers have access to the kitchen cafeteria with refrigerator and simple electric appliances, electric outlets, and bathroom and hot shower facilities.

Book A Retreat

To arrange a retreat, email office@saraswatibhawan.org to check for availability

In your message, please include:

  • beginning and ending dates for retreat
  • type of practice being done
  • telephone number for contact

Upon registration, you will receive information on what to bring, transportation information, etc. You will be expected to sign a liability waiver.

Work Study

There are two to four work-study positions available for each retreat, depending on the number of participants. Work study participants work instead of paying the retreat fee. Those interested in work-study must apply at the time of registration. Please inform the retreat coordinator at the time that you register to express your interest in applying for one of these positions. You will be notified immediately if your application is accepted.

1. Kitchen Assistant

The Kitchen Assistant is responsible for supporting the cook with food preparation, stocking, and inventory. This involves general food prep under the Cook’s direction, washing sensitive equipment, keeping surfaces and areas tidy and personnel to a minimum while Cook works. Knowledge and skill with food preparation and team cooperation is required.

2. Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance Assistant is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities, equipment and land. This involves cleaning and stocking of the portapotties, refuse and waste management, equipment repair and general yard work, such as lawn mowing and brush clearing.

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