We are very pleased to offer a translation of a very important Naga text from the Zung-Due (collection of Mahayana Sutras). This text, called the ‘Lu’i Pang Kong’ is is an extensive apology and amendment to the realm of Nagas, and is commonly recited when someone has been stricken with a naga-related disease or misfortune. One would commission Lamas to recite this Sutra as many times as one’s age, or recite it oneself.

This text includes the U-chen script, a line of phonetics and an English translation. It outlines the realms of nagas, names their legion of Kings; it describes all the manner in which we knowlingly or unknowlingly harm the Nagas through the impact we make on the environment. It includes lists of the kinds of offerings the Nagas prefer and the specific kinds of medicine they need to heal. By reading this text, you will come to know all about the realm of Nagas and how interconnected we are with them.

Read this Sutra on special Naga days or when making other Naga offerings.

Many thanks to Lama Pema Chophel for recognizing the importance of this text, and making the effort to translate it for the benefit of all.

Click here to download this 42-page text.

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